Staff in Training

Alumni are encouraged to return to CLS to assist with the program as Staff in Training (SIT). Applications are typically sent out by December and are due back by March 1st. Alumni are able to apply after they have taken one year off after they have graduated high school.

For more information about our Staff in Training program, please contact Linda Dean or Dan Cardin

The application for 2017 CLS SIT is due by March 1st, 2017 and can be downloaded below:

CLS_SIT 2017 First Year Application

2 comments on “Staff in Training
  1. Hayley Herd says:

    I graduated in 2012 and was involved with CLS. I was wanting to get involved.

    • Lauren Reed says:

      That’s great, Hayley! There is still time to submit your SIT application, which you can download on this page. It should be submitted to Dan Cardin or Linda Dean, whose email addresses are also on this page and the application. Hope to see you this year!

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