Thoughts from Leaders

Here are just a few thoughts on what some Leaders had to say about Leaders Club and Leaders School:

Leaders is a great time to be active and to explore the world. It is a great time to make new friends and hang out with some old friends.- Adrian- 16

Leaders to me is an awesome way to learn teamwork with kids from across the Midwest. This is my second year being a member and I’ll do it until my senior year, and I’ll continue after I graduate- Tasia-16

I think leaders is a good opportunity for young teens because this is a place where you can come and meet new people and go to different states. You come here to show who you are and have conversations with people and it stays between you and that person. From my experience leaders has been fun and is like my second family.- Shakiyyeh-17

Leaders School to me is like a second home. I have been shocked and amazed on who I have become through Leaders School- Alpha 15

Providing service for the community is good and it helps me by showing people that I am a leader- TyJuan- 16

Leaders is my home away from home. It is my escape.  I know I can be comfortable with everybody and not have to act a certain way. Going to rally and seeing all of the people I met at the last rally, reconnecting with them is the best. My leader’s family is my second family.  It helped me to branch out of my comfort zone and helped make a better me.- Jasmine- 18

Leaders has been a great experience. This is my second year in leaders and I have been able to do more things than one person would ever thing they could do.- Steven-16

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2 comments on “Thoughts from Leaders
  1. DARYL says:

    I still cherish my memories and friendships I made over 29 years ago since my last Leaders School in 1985. The values and work ethics I learned are still put to work each and every day!

  2. Adam says:

    When in high school leaders really helped me to come into my own and as an SIT my passion for working with youth was reaffirmed and helped me pull the trigger on becoming an 8th grade teacher. The place is amazing enjoy the moments

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